Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics


Dark Moon Pulling me in
Into the Shadows of the Night
It is time to look within
Face that which is hidden
Deal wiith what I have made excuses
Dark Moon drawing me in
To face myself
My inner self naked
Just as I am
Dark Moon Drawing me in
To face my truth.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody." - Mark Twain

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Witchy Comments & Graphics
Dark Moon Circle website/online coven
Above is info on the online coven
Ecclectic Celtic flavored Women only
Dedicated to the Morrighan.
I am the Shadow you fearI am the silence you dreadI am the dark unknownand mysteries untoldI am three but I am OneMy voice is heard in the caws of the ravenI am Magick, I am Power. I am a ShapeshifterIam Justice severe, and love that does not coddleI am the ultimate feminine clothed in the nightI am a liberator for women, the abused and downtroddenI am a Nightmare to those with evil intentI am Morrighan The Great Phantom Queen”

"Soon as the evening shades prevail,
The moon takes up the wondrous tale,
And nightly to the listening earth
Repeats the story of her birth."
Joseph Addison

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Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

Witchy Comments & Graphics

I stand before the portal of passage
The cauldron of rebirth and transformation
Bubbles before me
I see Her sit stirring the cauldron
It reeks of death
It is pitch black
Behold the mysteries
Feel the magick
Mists arise
Many are the initiations of life
For every realm you wish to eneter
There is an initiation
Ye must go through alone
Do you understand initiation
For every initiation brings a new life of new begining
It is a transformation that begins within
But know for every new beging there is also a death
I am the great initiation that each will face
know me or not
From me there is no escape
For those who do not understand my ways is cold as Ice
For I play no favorites
All face the great initiation
With my sword I peierce the heart
so that what is wihtin then flows out
With my sickle
I cut the ties that hold you down
as if ye were a slave
See my sickle is your freedom
My sword is your truth

I can not, and will not be denied
For I am death ye must embrace..........


Who is this I hear wandering the night
Who is this I see the crows and ravens gather
Who is this that rules the night
Whose eyes are dark as the night
Whose hair is black silk as the night sky
Or red as crimson blood
Whose smell is the smell of death
She is the Shapeshifter
She The Witch
She is Queen of fairies
Matron of priestesses and witches
She is death yet She is life
Hers is the dark and waning of the moon
Sacred to Her is blood and the sword
The Crow, Raven, wolf, and horse
She is Magick
She is the prophetess of destinies
She is the ancient battle Goddess
She is Justice fierce and swift
She is passion
Her Name Morrighan Morrigan, Morrigu
She is three yet She is one
Who is She?
She is the Phantom Queen
When the day has slipped away
When the only light is that of the moon above
Should you see a shadow near
Fear thou not
For it
may be
You have been visited by the Phantom Queen


When shadows fall
What do you do?
When Shadows fall
I know She is there
Watching in the silence
My secrets I cannot hide
For She already knows
What truth is inside
When Shadows fall
What do you hide?
Do you fear?
When Shadows fall
Can you hear Her silent call?
Face those demons and conquer them all
When Shadows fall
When the moons light begins to fade
Her crscent rules the night
I take a walk within

My path lit by Her fading light
I walk into the Night
With only shadows close to me
I walk beneath the fading light

In Silence I make may way
Along the path that goes within
Deeper and deeper I move along
Into the darkness of my soul
I take a journey not yet told...........
Till Her light melts into the Night
And face to face
Alone I stand
Before the Crone
Here I am

The waning crescent sits high above
To watch Her face turn again
To the otherworld where she also rules
Life is not just about the world I live
There is the Multi- universe
We are all connected and interconnected

The Crone's crescent
Reminding us She is always present
At all our endings She is there
At all our completions She is there
At all our deaths She is there
Every cycle has an end

() Put the symbol of the maiden and the crone together
You have an egg shaped circle
Together they are the Mother
Yet without them She is not
To embrace the Goddess
One must embrace all of Her
Maiden Mother and Crone
Both Her light and Her Darkside
For She is the light yet She is the darkness of the Night
She is the Full Moon Yet She is the Dark Moon
She is seen yet not seen
Known yet not known
She is life yet She is death
She is the calm wind bringing Her kisses
Yet She is the Storm
Breaking and destroying what man has so built
The pride and ego of man will always fall
She is love, yet She is what many fear
She is justice, oh so severe
She is Goddess

The Goddess Speaks...........

The Goddess speaks in many ways
First She whispers deep in the heart
In the secret place of ones being
In the mind She sends Her thoughts
Then waits to see what we do
Have you heard?

The Goddess speaks to us in many ways
Thruogh others close and even our pets
Out of the mouth of babes Her wisdom spoken
From the lips of the elder knowldge imparted
Are we open to the wisdom of another?

The Goddess speaks to us in many ways
First from within and then from wihtout
In dreams of the night She will come
She whipsers in the Wind
Her songs are sung by the birds
She lifts Her voice in the storms
Have you yet heard

The Goddess has spoken,
Not in a book of man made rules
Or for any to claim they alone hold her voice
Have you heard?
She speaks to us each
In the way She knows
we can best hear Her

Morrighan )0(

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